(humorous): What would different Religions, Movements and Belief Systems might say when S**T happens 1/2


The Actual Reality:
Shit Happens


Wind blows, the earth shudders, shit happens.


Confucius says, “Real knowledge knows the extent of your ignorance,only then, meaningful shit happens”


Shit happens. Don’t judge it, don’t be attached to it. It is impermanent.


Zen Buddhism:
What is the sound of shit happening?


Renounce the illusions of the world. Escape the cycle of shit happening andre-happening over and over. Then you will be free, and your shit will simply happen.


According to the Vatican’s Cardinals, by Papal Interdiction, Shit Happens.Confess.


The Pope has no authority over our shit or it’s happening.


Hallelujah! Praise God! Give Thanks! For Shit is Happening, Thank the Lord!


The truth about shit happening was revealed in a vision to John Smith in 1820.All Mormons must try to convert other lost souls, for only then can they be savedwhen shit really happens.


Behead the in?dels who don’t believe that shit happens.


Wahabist Islam:
All shit happening must be like 7th century. Modern shit happening is forbidden.


Salafist Islam:
Shit happens, we blow it up.


Oy Vey! Shit happens to us again!


We don’t believe shit happens. There is no explanation that we can comprehend


Does shit happen or not happen? It may or may not.We cannot prove it or disprove it


There is separation of Shit Happening and State.We will not allow Shit Happening to control the Organs of State


New Age-ism:
Wow! Be in your shit happening moment. Let it talk to you.


Shit happening goods and services can be bought and sold openly in a freemarket. The need or lack of, availability or lack of, and the reliability of re-supplywill determine price


Shit is owned by the collective people, and all must work for the commonbene?t of shit. Happening is regulated by the Central Committee. Shit is tohappen in a proletariat, classless society. Those who are exposed as deviants,stooges, agents of the bourgeoisie, and capitalist charlatans will berehabilitated, according to the Manifesto.


The government owns and controls all big shit. Individuals can ownand operate small shit. Happening is regulated by the SocialistCommittee for Regulatory Happening.


There should be no regulation, restrictions, control of, and ownership of shit. Ifthere is we will dress in black and say stupid things while we break windows,throw paint, burn things, and act like ignorant and arrogant spoiled punks. Andscrew you! So what if you actually support us – we broke your windows anyway!


All shit happening is controlled and directed by the State, through the authority ofthe Supreme Leader. All deviant shit happening will not be tolerated


Shit happening is the privilege of the superior race, with it’s inherent purity and strength.Inferior degenerates will be excluded from having shit happenings.


Conspiracy Theory-ism:
There is a secret plot to install a New World Order to control all shithappening. It will be directed by the Trilateral Commission, headed by Elvis Presley, with the enforcement of nuclear-armed black UFO’s, based in Area 51.Those who don’t believe this are utter fools


The 1% control the shit happenings of the 99%. We will occupy and be anuisance to everybody, and we will support any and all stupid positions, andfurthermore, we will not support anything that hints of reasonableness.


Creationism: On the 6th day of Creation God created Humans. On the 7th day God rested andthought he was ?nished. On the 8th day the Humans told God that they needed shit to happen. God then created Shit Happening. Amen


Shit evolved from other forms of shit known as crap. A precursor of crap is poop.There is strong suspicion, but no positive proof yet, that poop evolved frompoo-poo, doo-doo, and possibly ‘Number 2’.


After trying to understand what ‘shit happens’ really means,here is the best explanation of ‘shit happens’: And, ?nally,
Shit. It happens.


By: Rick Heizman, San FranciscoMay 27, 2013


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